Making information useful is vital. For a business it can mean the difference between profit and loss, as vital information can lead to changes in products, forecasting, and marketing changes. For individuals it can mean having the right policy, or the right amount, or simply having access to information to make the right decision. For my PA, Caroline, this meant that if she knew she had a buildings policy that covered emergencies, she would not have had to spend almost £150 on calling out a plumber to fix a broken pipe.
I know I have spent untold hours doing the same things in the past; finding information for an application; finding my broadband codes to get online; missing renewal dates and having to quickly a gree a new deal which probably wasn't the best price.
If you think about all the information you have, try to make it useful. This can just mean making it accessible, but often it is recording three or four pieces of information instead of just the name of the policy and a reference number.
Think how popular new ways of organising information are when they first come out like the Filofax, smartphones, hard drives and new types of filing tabs from Avery. I have been guilty of buying things to make myself more organised in the past, but these all have had limited success, hence the reason for creating Data Organiser. We hope you find it as useful as we have intended it to be.

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