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Video will be an important part of learning about Inform. We will continually update our guides so please check back for user guides and tips and tricks, as well as advanced features you can use with the software.
We have launched! The website will be continually updated with new information - so please check back regularly. Your road to organisational bliss can now begin! Our first consultants are now using the software with their clients, and you will ongoing changes over the next few months, based on client feedback. We want Inform to be client oriented, and so find your views very important.
Making information useful is vital. For a business it can mean the difference between profit and loss, as vital information can lead to changes in products, forecasting, and marketing changes. For individuals it can mean having the right policy, or the right amount, or simply having access to information to make the right decision. For my PA, Caroline, this meant that if she knew she had a buildings policy that covered emergencies, she would not have had to spend almost £150 on calling out a plumber to fix a broken pipe.
I know I have spent untold hours doing the same things in the past; finding information for an application; finding my broadband codes to get online; missing renewal dates and having to quickly a gree a new deal which probably wasn't the best price.
If you think about all the information you have, try to make it useful. This can just mean making it accessible, but often it is recording three or four pieces of information instead of just the name of the policy and a reference number.
Think how popular new ways of organising information are when they first come out like the Filofax, smartphones, hard drives and new types of filing tabs from Avery. I have been guilty of buying things to make myself more organised in the past, but these all have had limited success, hence the reason for creating Data Organiser. We hope you find it as useful as we have intended it to be.
Welcome to our first post. We start 2011 on a positive note. Data Organiser is born! It has been an idea that has taken almost 3 years to fully develop, and combines many different elements to make organising your information not just useful, but financially beneficial as well. 

There are many different ways to organise your data, but none really make full use of that information to it's fullest. Firstly, our service is unique in that we have trained consultants that are able to create your data store. This ensures that the information is entered as it needs to, but also that it gets done! It is very easy to put things off or to take your time to finish things. We feel this is so important to get right, that we have a dedicated team able to look after you. 

Having taken many ideas from the will writing and probate industry, it was easy to see that will writers would make the perfect choice to launch the service. They understand that writing a will is one thing - the next step is taken when someone dies, and there is nothing to fully prepare you for that. A lot of information and know how is required when someone dies, and it is not surprising that people leave most of the hard work to solicitors and other professionals. This however, is where a lot of the cost of probate arises. If most of the work is done when someone dies, imagine how much money and time that will save? This is where Data Organiser excels - not just something that is a perfect way to organise all your personal data while you are alive, but something to help your family when you die.

    From Oliver Waite, managing director

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